Dsp Mixer

Professional Audio Devices

Audio PCB cards for professional applications

  • Ultra low noise dual rail power supply card sub 20 micro volts peek to peek noise
  • Ultra low noise phantom power
  • Differential IO digitally controlled preamp cards
  • Professional differential output transformerless line driver cards
  • High quality headphone driver card
  • Professional audio recorder / mixer with DSP

BB-box DSP Mixer Recoder

Dsp Mixer
  • 8 analouge differntial balanced inputs and outputs
  • 8 digital AES balanced inputs and outputs
  • DSP effects , commpressor , filters , EQ etc
  • shared low jitter 24.576mhz shared clock DSP ADC and DAC & ARM micro
  • 48khz - 192khz 24bit audio recording and playback
  • Full bluetooth LE 4.0 APP control

BB-box chanstrip digital preamp

Dsp Mixer
  • 0db line level 10db - 60db digital mic gain control in 1db steps
  • SPI control for micro controler
  • High quality Pannasonic FC AC coupling capacitors for ADC inputs and phantom power DC blocking
  • Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise (THD+N) with Gain = 30dB: 0.0004%
  • digitally controlled PhotoMos phantom power switching from microcontroller for noise isolation
  • Zero Crossing Detection Minimizes Audible Artifacts when changing Gain
  • Integrated DC Servo Minimizes Output Offset Voltage
  • Balanced line/mic input protection
  • Ferrite beads for high freqncey RF filtering helps prevent unwanted RF noise in audio signal

Ultra Low Noise DC-DC card

Dsp Mixer
  • Example ultra low noise Dual Rail DC - DC power card
  • professional high end analouge audio ready
  • +/-5v to +/-15v VDC
  • +/-850mA per channel

email: ben@bbbox.co.uk